The Brood


Frank Carveth, is becoming more and more worried about the eccentric Dr Hal Raglan's high-handed therapeutic treatment of his troubled ex-wife, Nola, at the remote Somafree Institute of Psycho-Plasmics. After years of research, the controversial therapist has come up with a cutting-edge procedure focusing on the physical manifestations of his patients' symptoms, and mainly, their bottled-up rage; however, the hideous purple-black bruises and the nasty scratches on the back of Frank and Nola's shell-shocked little daughter, Candice, are alarming. Are those intimate mother-and-daughter meetings at the institute dangerous for the poor girl? And what about the string of unexplained brutal murders in town? In the end, are they somehow connected to Somafree's obscure practices?... Show more

Amazing movie from 1979. No better movie has ever been made in Horror genre... and now The Brood is available to watch online for free. The Brood is so damn good it takes your breath away! I seriously couldn't speak after watching. I'm big fan of Sci-Fi movies. The movie starts in a very unusual way. Special effects, action and characters give this movie a high rating. I choosed to upload this full movie.

Directors: David Cronenberg
Countries: Canada
Release: 1979-05-25
Duration: 92 min
IMDb Rating: 6.8
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