Les brumes d'Avalon - Season 1


Based on the bestseller Marion Zimmer Bradley tells the story of women behind King Arthur; including his mother Igraine; his half sister Morgaine; his aunt Viviane, lady of the lake; and his wife Gwenwyfar.

A really unique tv show from 2001 year. I've seen over ten thousands of tv series in my life, so I have experience. I especially love in Les brumes d'Avalon - Season 1 the soundtrack, it is one of the greatest tv series soundtracks ever. No tv show ever has filled me with so much strange energy and gotten me so immersed in it. The opening song still gives me goosebumps and increases the warmth of my body. You don't need to be a Drama lover, but Les brumes d'Avalon - Season 1 is absolutely worth it to watch online. It's a tv show to watch for everyone, I'm pretty sure you'll love it.... Show more

Release: 2001-07-15
IMDb Rating: 6.9
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